Design, Engineering, and Construction / Fire Detection and Alarm System

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Fire detection systems are designed to alert occupants for evacuation while the fire is still in an early stage.  A facility with a properly installed fire detection system can ultimately save lives and minimize damage to the property.   For this system to be effective, the fire detectors should be coupled with the alarm system where it provides building occupants with audio and visual signals locally, as well as transmit signal to a staffed monitoring station either on or off site.

To selecting a suitable fire detection system one must base the design upon the fire safety objectives.  These objectives are determined through a risk assessment of your facility and its operation.  For example, office building, warehouse, hotel, or hospital are each assessed differently according to the occupant’s response time to evacuate.  In an office building or warehouse, occupants are awake and aware of their surroundings.  Therefore, the alarm system often does not need to provide notice as early as in a hotel and hospital building, where occupants and patients may be sleeping or may not be able to easily mobilize by themselves.  In such setting, the alarm system in the hotel or hospital should provide more rapid response and notification.

There are several components to the fire detection and alarm system.

Installing fire detection and alarm systems are one of BSI's specialties. We can deliver and implement a system that is most suitable to your facility with in budget and in a timely manner.