System Architeture and Components

System Architecture and Components

BSI Unlock the power of seamless automation with BSI’s turnkey solutions for SCADA system and PLC programming. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians excels in delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions that optimize control and monitoring processes. From initial design to installation and ongoing support, we seamlessly integrate SCADA systems and PLC programming to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure real-time data management.

Trust BSI to empower your facility with cutting-edge automation solutions, providing you with the control and flexibility needed to maximize productivity and make informed decisions.

Experience the future of industrial automation with BSI's turnkey SCADA system and PLC programming services.

Our "Technicians" are members of the ISA. International Society of Automation and Certified Control Systems Technician Certified Control Systems Technician

Our "Technicians" were trainned and certified to be factory authorized for VFD startup with the following manufacturers:

Our "Engineers" and technicians also factory authorized to intergrate components for the following manufacturers: