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Often times facilities experience unexplained failures in processes and equipment.  These equipment failures and production delays equate to real lost revenues.  Consider the consequences of equipment failures that could occur in a hospital operating room.

BSI’s power quality team was called upon to investigate that exact life threatening scenario.  BSI Engineers used equipment and software manufactured by Dranetz/BMI to determine the cause of repeated surgical equipment failures.  These failures required replacement parts and service from the OEM manufacturer.  The equipment OEM’s would not honor the warranty due to the poor power quality found in the hospital’s electrical infrastructure.  BSI used the power quality disturbance analyzer and related software to determine that the local utility company employed automatic capacitor switching on the medium voltage circuit serving the medical campus.  These switching events which normally occurred around 9AM and 6PM daily where responsible for hard drive failures, circuit board failures, poor image quality and costly equipment downtime.

BSI Engineers where able to specify power quality mitigation devices to help prevent equipment failures and loss of control.  Additionally, BSI worked in conjunction with the local utility to coordinate the automatic capacitor switching events to occur during normally scheduled inactive periods for the surgical suites.

BSI’s Power Quality Team of Engineers can be trusted to identify and correct your next power quality problem.