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UPS Image

Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) is essential to many applications. Whether your application is just administrating documents or controlling critical processes, an UPS device can provide an assurance that your operation is easily manage when a power outage occurs.  Sometimes a brief power disruption can cause major problems.  Particularly, if your servers or processes are affected, your entire organization may lose productivity or business as a result.

These events can be prevented by a good and reliable UPS device that is designed and rated to match your process capacity.  An UPS also provides a clean power condition by correcting any sags or brownouts, spikes, surges, as well as electrical noise.

There are three (3) different types of UPS devices.  Choosing the right device is crucial to your application.  A right UPS device can provide any workstation, data center, control process with clean power while supporting live loads during the power outage.

The BSI design team can assist in aquiring an adequate system to support your process.  Our electricians and technicians have many years of experience in the installation and service of these different type of UPS systems.